Mothers Day Special Bundle

-The Pescatarian's Choice
Giant Octopus Leg,slow braised in Spanish Tempranillo and Roma Tomatoes,pine nuts,light cream,butter with sweet cheery ,tomatoes ,arugula mixed garden fresh salad and mixed olives.


-Rubato's Juicy Meatballs
Premium Australian Black Angus meat balls,with shaved parmigiana cheese,
organic basil,extra virgin olive oil,and homemade Roma tomatoes puree.


-Rubato's Foie Gras
Pan Seared Foie Gras With Crisp Bread ,Suid Ink Crumb ,Basil and Mix Berries Sauce and Organic Green Apple


Home-baked Garlic Bread


-Rubato's Pasta Platter 
Aunty Sheila's Lasagna
Sliced Black Angus beef,Roma Tomatoes sauce,shaved parmigiana cheese,extra virgin olive oil,mozzarella cheese served with fresh garden greens.


-RUBATO’S Classic Molten Chocolate Cake
63% dark cocoa, homemade vanilla gelato
-“Angel's Breath” Tiramisú
Kahlua mascarpone, destiny coco powder

Mothers Day Special Bundle

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