Mothers Day Special @1188

-"A Gift from the Angels"
Chilled angel hair pasta, Hokkaido scallops sashimi, exotic japanese seaweed, premium white truffle oil, freshly-caught Hokkaido Bafun Uni (Sea Urchin-optional)


-Michelin Quality Burrata
Hand stretched fresh mozzarella, semi dried tomatoes, rocket, premium aged parma ham


-Rubato’s Seafood Platter (3-4 pax)
-A selection of Ocean fresh squid,prawns,mussels and scallops.Including our featured our Famous Nova Scotia Whole Lobster!


-Pasta Pescatora Platter (3-4pax)    

‘Live’ shellfish, succulent prawns, squid, sautéed with garlic in a stock enriched roma tomato seafood elixir.


-Crispy Charcoal-Grilled Iberico Spanish Suckling Pig
A RUBATO Signature that is sure to enthrall your taste-buds. These special breed of Iberico hogs are raised on a diet of wild herbs, acorns, & mushrooms.


-Classic Double Beef Burger
Beef patties, yellow cheddar cheese, potato chips,homemade sea salt burger bun


-RUBATO’S Famous Burrata Pizza
Michelin-grade burrata, tomatoes, premium-aged sliced parma ham


- Slow Roasted Italian Tender Pork Ribs    
- RUBATO'S Famous Garlic Chicken alla Diavola
- Charcoal-Grilled Rack of Lamb (NZ)
- Charcoal Grilled Premium Cut Wagyu Steak
-Roasted Vegetables and Roasted Potatoes     

-Crème Brulée, with Hazelnut gelato
-“Angel's Breath” Tiramisu  


Mothers Day Special @1188

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