RUBATO, founded in 2009 is celebrating her 12th year of delighting food aficionados in 2021.

RUBATO is the go-to Italian restaurant for the dining elite in Singapore & the region. The preferred table for cabinet ministers, international celebrities, & industry titans. Purposefully unknown, with a hush-hush media policy, to those outside these circles, her reputation is safeguarded by the discerning clientele that has made RUBATO a culinary institution in Bukit Timah


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RUBATO – Singapore's favourite small-batch, boutique selection of Italian food. "Our difference is we only roast and bake to order". This ensures your gourmet choice is extra fresh. Your friends, family and discerning guests will taste the difference!

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RUBATO Italian Kitchen + Wine Bar  12 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289204

Open 7 Days A Week 

Mon-Fri : 10am to 2am

Sat, Sun, PH : 7am to 2am